What if free will is not an illusion and can be reconciled with the known laws of physics?

 -by I, Quantum

Table of Contents

Synopsis – Free Will

  1. The Question of Free Will
  2. Dualities
  3. About Quantum Mechanics and Biology
  4. The Origin of Choice and the First/Third Person Duality
  5. Crisscross Entanglement and the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
  6. The Mind’s Eye and Free Will
  7. Making Sense of Experimental Results in Neuroscience
  8. What is it like to be an Electron?
  9. Predictability
  10. (stress, meditation, sex, understanding, self-awareness, Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, qualia of the senses, moral responsibility, vice, love, consciousness)

    Powerpoint Summary of What if free will is not an illusion? 






What if the miracle behind evolution is quantum mechanics?

 -by I, Quantum

Table of Contents
  1. Miracles and Monsters
  2. Occam’s Fat-Shattering Razor
  3. Complexity is the Key – in Machine Learning and DNA    
  4. The Protein Folding Problem
  5. The Nature of Quantum Mechanics – Infinite, Non-Local, Computing Capacity
  6. Solving the Quantum Measurement Problem – Pointers, Decoherence, & Quantum Dynamics
  7. Quantum Networks – Using Dynamics to Restore and Extend Entanglement
  8. Quantum Biology – Noisy, Warm, Dynamical Quantum Systems
  9. Quasicrystals & Phasons – Shadows of Life?
  10. Holography & The Ultimate Quantum Network – A Living Organism
  11. Quantum Mechanics and Evolution
  12. Experimental Results in Evolutionary Biology

Images- Left/Top: Drawing Hands by M. C. Escher, 1948, Right/bottom: Mandelbrot set by Reguiieee both via Wikipedia

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